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Lash Lifts have been one of our most popular services their introduction in 2013. When originally introduced many sceptics couldn’t understand what was so different from the tradition lash perming of yesteryear. They also felt if was a step back from more newer technologies ad techniques. As with beauty treatments such as waxing and acrylic nails, some treatments will always be essential.


VERY! Not only is the process different but the tools used are completely different and therefore give a different look. You will see some salons advertising lash lifts yet they are in fact using perming rods. You can tell if the salon is using perming rods by looking at photos of their work. If the lashes look to be curling over back into the crease or the eye they are using rods. As this look is impossible to achieve using correct lash lift tools given the shape of the moulds.

As we have created our own Luxe Lash Lift service, it is no doubt that we are biased as to what service we feel is better for our clients.

We have found that lash lifting creates a more dramatic lift as well as a curl. Rather than just a curl that can sit quite flat when doing traditional perming.

We also feel that the lash lift has the tips of the lashes sitting up, not curled back into the eye crease. We feel this to be a better outcome and look than the latter.

As with most new technology, techniques and products evolve allowing therapists to achieve better results for their clients. The Luxe Lash Lift is essentially a modern day take on the traditional method and like with any new technology. It would seem backward to use an old method when a new proven method has been successful.

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