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Welcome to Ooh La La Lash Boutique, the sister store to Ooh La La Beauty Boutique.  We are the home of Adelaide’s Lash Extensions Specialists for over 7 years.

Ooh La La Squad – Lash Extension Specialists in Goodwood.

The Ooh La La Lash Boutique team takes pride in delivering high-quality beauty treatments in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Located in the hub of all things glamorous, we are at shop 2, 92-94 King William Road Goodwood.

Founder Ashlea Battaglia carefully thought out the environment of the new Ooh La La Boutique dedicated for lash enhancement services.

Ooh La La Beauty Boutique Glenelg was a space that always made clients feel luxurious, special and unlike anywhere else. Continuing this theme was a must. We have our signature oversized French arm chairs, flower wall and feature lighting at this location. With a white, grey and black colour palette.

Clients have access to all the latest magazines, Free WIFI and varied refreshments ensuring their experience is relaxing as possible.

What is a Beauty Therapist

Ashlea’s definition of a beauty therapist is not someone you visit regularly to remove unwanted hair or to paint your nails. Beauty therapists are someone a client invests time and money in. Clients place them in a position of trust. They provide helpful advice on skin health and treatments that suit individual needs.

A beauty therapy salon should also be an escape from your world. The modern woman is busy juggling time for her career, further study, children, pet children, households, relationships all the while with minimal time set aside for themselves.

Your local beauty salon should be a place where you can unwind, relax, and leave feeling refreshed, empowered and beautiful.

That’s what Ooh La La Lash Boutique is all about; it’s not just a salon but also an experience.


Our Specialisations

The team at Ooh La La Lash Boutique are experienced, knowledgeable, excited and passionate about the beauty industry. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, new products, and treatments. Manager Hannah Waterson, who has been a part of the “Ooh La La” family for over 3 years, leads the team of talented therapists. Demi Russell and Hannah are trained in Ashlea’s signature Eyelash Extensions technique. They are also our lead specialists in doing Ooh La La’s trademarked service: the Luxe Lash Lift. We utilise products from Ashlea’s Australian eyelash enhancement brand Luxe Lash Concepts (exclusive to Ooh La La Lash and Beauty Boutiques).

All staff training in conducted in house to ensure that all work produced is of the same level and true to the businesses origins. The Ooh La La staff are constantly attending training workshops/seminars both locally and nationally at the Sydney International Beauty Expo. Ashlea keeps her finger on the pulse at a global level by attending conferences and seminars overseas.

As our brand grows our aims and core values remain the same, delivering quality products and services in a professional and welcoming environment with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Our business origins inspire our core values. Three missing key factors are missing in the beauty industry: care, passion, and pride in services. Honesty, hospitality, customer service and customer connection are also crucial.


If you are left disappointed with our team’s service, Ashlea will take action to correct it. She is a strong believer in constructive criticism and constantly wants to do things better. We cannot be everything to everyone but we can always grow and continue to develop our craft as therapists.

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Tired of ‘production line’ beauty operators? Want to develop a relationship wth your beauty professional? We are waiting for you. Ooh La La Lash Boutique is your locally owner and operated salon where your custom is valued. So come and join the sisterhood and treat yourself!

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