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Spray Tanning specialised salon Ooh La La Lash Boutique strives to provide the highest quality spray tanning services Adelaide has to offer. With a dedicated spray tan room, custom fit out with extraction units to ensure minimum inhalation for our staff and our clients.

We provide the top Australian brand Sunescape– Made in Australia, Born in Bondi.

Sunescape has proven to be an industry leader being focused on delivery quality professional and home use products with an environmental and health focus.




Sunescape is your ticket to that post-holiday glow, without leaving home. Its lush coconut vanilla scent was also developed to conjure thoughts of the perfect tropical escape. Who wants a spray tan that looks like you’ve had a spray tan? Instead, after a Sunescape tan, people will be asking you “where have you been?”With added vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils, our proprietary formula gives you more than just a natural looking and feeling tan. It also enriches the skin with anti-ageing, hydrating and skin firming ingredients, leaving your skin smooth and replenished. Our formula is also made with natural ingredients and Eco Cert approved DHA, and is FREE from alcohol, parabens, petrochemicals, and animal cruelty.

Why Fake It?

Tanning in the sun is not only the single biggest factor contributing to premature aging but it also causes damage to the skins structure. Being highly destructive and altering collagen and elastin, which in turn causes CELLUITE!

No girl wants that! Tanning in the Sun is also of course responsible for melanoma, which is the fourth most common cancer in Australia. More than 10,300 cases are diagnosed annually. So don’t bake your skin in the sun – Fake it! Your skin and overall health will thank you for it.

DIY Girl?

Sunescape has an extensive range of aftercare products designed to extend the life of your spray tan or create a DIY golden glow at home.

We also stock our in house Tanning Application Mitt $10.95 & Removal Mitt and Towel $19.95 to make it easy. All products available in salon.

Full Body $40
Half Body $30
10 Sessions Pack $300


How long will my tan last?

Your tan, depending on your skin type, pre-tan preparation and after tan care, will generally last between 5 to 7 days for fair skin and 10 to 12 days for olive toned skin.

What does the tan look like?

The initial tan, which is instant, is a natural brown. The instant colour is from the bronzer, and will wash off with your first bath or shower. The long term tan, which peaks after 4 hours and continues to develop up to 24 hours, is a golden-brown colour.

How does Spray on Tan work?

The skin is made up of two main layers: the epidermis on the outside and the dermis on the inside. The epidermis is further broken down into two layers: the innermost “stratum basale” and the outermost “stratum corneum”. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the active tanning ingredient found in all spray on tan solutions, is a colourless sugar that interacts with the dead skin cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis to produce a colour change.This colour change generally lasts for approximately 7 -10 days from the initial application.

Why choose Spray on Tan?

Spray on Tan is recognised as the safe alternative to tanning in sunlight or using solarium beds which are sources of damaging ultra violet (UV) rays that contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. Spray on Tan allows you to look good and feel great all year round without the additional risks associated with UV tanning.

Is Spray Tanning safe?

When a Spray on Tan is done professionally by a trained technician, Spray Tanning is considered to be the safest option and best alternative to sun tanning.

Is it safe for pregnant women to be spray tanned?

There is no evidence to suggest that Spray Tanning women when they are pregnant is unsafe. However it is important to understand that when a women’s body is experiencing hormonal changes, the sense of smell can be heightened and the smell of spray on tan solution can be considered strong. Furthermore the hormonal changes can impact your skin in terms of its dryness and oiliness meaning that skin preparation and maintenance should be thoroughly managed. Also being pregnant can make a woman’s body more sensitive therefore skin may be more irritable to the tanning solution. We suggest having a patch test before getting the full tan.

Why choose Sunescape?

Sunescape is an Australian-owned sunless tanning range known for delivering natural-looking colour along with its signature tropical scent. Born in Sydney’s iconic Bondi, Sunescape is the creation of Matt and Lisa Williams, Directors of salon-only beauty distribution company, Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS). After years of working with a number of salons, they recognised a trend in the needs and wants out of a spray tan solution- a healthy colour that didn’t cause dryness, streaking, patchiness or orange undertone and that was made without using harmful ingredients. Sunescape products are formulated to provide a natural looking and feeling tan, and one that smells amazing. They contain added vitamins, antioxidants and oils to nourish skin, as well as anti-ageing, hydrating and firming ingredients to leave skin smooth and replenished. The proprietary Professional formula uses certified natural DHA made from beetroot and rapa seed and is FREE from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals.

What to expect when getting sprayed?

Your Sunescape Tan will be applied by one of our qualified technicians. The technician will advise you on which colour will best suit your skin tone. It will take approximately five to seven minutes to thoroughly apply the tan and we recommend allowing 15 to 20 minutes for your appointment.

What do I wear while being sprayed?

When getting sprayed you may wear as much or as little as you wish.  Most people prefer wearing a G-string or nude in order to get the best coverage; however it is a personal choice. We guarantee that our spray technicians are professional and will act in a respectful manner at all times.

What do I wear after being sprayed?

After your Spray Tan, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing that does not cling and affect the quality of your tan. It is also best to wear dark clothing that is easily washable to ensure that any tan solution that rubs onto clothing will not stain.

How do I prepare my skin for the best possible Spray Tan?

Ensuring that your skin is in the best condition before applying a tan will not only result in a more even looking tan, but it will ensure a longer lasting tan. It is best t exfoliate the morning of, or the night before your appointment. Depending on the solution that was applied, the colour will develop over the next two to four hours. It is important when receiving your Spray on Tan that you do not wear any makeup, jewellery or deodorant as these can all affect the application and quality of your tan. PLEASE NOTE: Hair removal is best performed 24hrs before getting sprayed.

Will I have an unnatural looking tan?

Typically, the orange tone that may result from the application of Spray on Tan is the result of too much DHA within a solution or no green/purple agent to counteract the orange base. Sunescape tans are all green or purple based so you can be rest assured that your tan will turn out bronze.

If I have sensitive skin can I get sprayed?

If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it is best to patch test your skin before deciding to go ahead with being spray tanned. If you find that you have not had an irritating reaction then it is fine to have a spray tan. It is important to make sure the skin is thoroughly moisturized after the application of the Spray on Tan as it will stop the skin from drying out and will also make the tan last longer.

Do I still need to apply sunscreen?

It is important to remember that Spray on Tan solution does not contain sunscreen and thus will not protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. So, if you’re planning to head outside to show off your new glow, be sure to apply some extra sunscreen.

How long after my tan can I shower?

Your technician will advise you as to when it is best to shower after the application of your tan (usually 2-4 hours).  If you decide to shower too quickly, this can have an impact on the quality and colour of the tan as well as on the general duration of the tan. Harsh body washes and soaps can affect your tan, hence the use of Sunescape Body Wash is recommended. Between being sprayed and showering, avoid any activity that may result in perspiration as this may affect the end result of your tan.

How can I extend the life of my tan?

Ensuring that your skin receives daily moisture can make a big difference in how long your tan lasts. PLEASE NOTE: Taking a spa or swimming in chlorinated water will reduce the life of your tan.

Do you apply Sunescape to the face?

Yes, but this is an individual choice. Sunescape is safe to apply all over the body.

Are Sunescape solutions natural?

Sunescape products contain added vitamins, antioxidants and oils to nourish skin, as well as anti-ageing, hydrating and firming ingredients to leave skin smooth and replenished. The proprietary Professional formula uses certified natural DHA made from beetroot and rapa seed and is FREE from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals.

Why is it important to exfoliate?

The body is constantly trying to rejuvenate the skin by naturally releasing older skin cells, thus bringing younger cells to the surface. Through exfoliation, the deep cleansing of the skin and the removal of dead skin cells will reduce skin impurities and improve skin condition. This makes the body’s natural process of skin rejuvenation more effective.

My friend said their skin turned a shade of green after a spray tan?

The green tinge that may appear after the application of a Spray Tan can be caused by a few different factors. Firstly the acidity levels of the skin can react with the spray tan solution. Acidity on the skin can come in the form of salt from the body’s natural sweating process along with more potent items such as deoderants and moisturisers. A solution can also appear green on the skin when the product is out of date or when the solution bottle has been opened and the lid is closed tightly enough, thus allowing for moisture and humidity to affect the life the solution.

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