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By Hannah Waterson – Originally written for the Adelaide East Herald

Want to wake up every morning looking fresher than you did the night before? Here’s a few tips and tricks to achieve a glowing fresh face every morning. 

First things first, REMOVE THAT MAKEUP. Our skin renews itself every night whilst we sleep and if you sleep in your make-up, it will not only clog the pores and cause congestion, but will stop the skin from rejuvenating itself. Cleansing with a gentle cleanser is best, but for us who are time poor, micellar water on a cotton disc will do the job – Just make sure you remove it all.

Next step – time to renew the skin. Using a serum before bed is ideal as it will help hydrate, exfoliate and even plump the skin. Depending on your skin type depends on what you need. It may be best to visit your local beauty salon for advice on what’s best for you. I personally love a light hydrating serum full of hyaluronic acid and a serum that contains AHAs and BHAs. These are normally; glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol. These acids will help gently exfoliate my skin, without harsh rubbing or irritation from a physical scrub. 

Now, don’t forget the eyes. There is a reason eye creams exists – let me explain. The molecule size in a normal face cream is too large to absorb into the tiny pores under our eyes. Face creams will simply sit on top of the skin and do nothing. Eye creams have a smaller molecule size which will absorb into the skin under our eyes, working its magic. And trust me – when it comes to eye cream, it’s more about prevention than resolving.

Lastly, a hydrating lotion/cream finishes off a night time routine nicely. It really comes down to personal preference what kind of texture you like – whether its gel-like, lotion, cream or ultra 

thick. I personally love a thicker cream at night purely for the luxurious feel it gives (and a lighter lotion containing SPF for during the day under my makeup).

Trust me, follow these steps and you will wake up every morning with clean and vibrant skin, ready to take on your day.

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